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A letter to you, my most precious iconoclast
 Goblins are bastards, to which I'm gerent and face.
My subjects are sinew of my heart, baseless and candid
I'm no liar, no deceiver.
I play games with a second hand, fool.
Who blames a puppet when the strings sway above him?
I offered you your dreams, cruel and tantalizing they were.
How could I see you pass them by?
I thought they to your taste? Bitter and sour?
Watch them dance in my palms, from finger they leap and arc.
Visions which I cannot partake,
But you disastrous mortal, you kept to your tugging
Weaving your strings of enchantment
Loosening my cords of reason and jester, leaving me ridiculous.
You rejected my gift, like none other.
I needed to appease the rugouse moment, abide my turmoil and my dismay
Never, never did a present sour the eye of a dame.
So, pretty petty thing. I took your brother!
I saw the dark flame in your heart, that inkling of your desires
I heard your cordial cry, your shy demand.
I attested it! My prickly beauty.
Oh, but how you hate me now. I the mirror of your darkness.
I will play you inside my Labyrinth,
Let it bend and twist in the name of my heart!
You are mine, you are I!
My long forgotten twin, a soul fractured from I.
I see rancor on your skin, it's marks my own.
You can see our shared beauty with only a passerby glance.
Dudgeon is the gavel we wield,
Banter is our cave which we home,
Bitterness is the drink we gorge,
So why aren't you mine? You pathetic girl.
Is my playful hatred not as soft as a lovers rose?
Is my sparking gloom not as fine as your suitors fumbles?
Is my black passion not a desire in your court?

Such a feeble, curt child!
 I lament, 'Such a pity'
But your mistaken when you think I speak of you.
I speak for myself, when I see you rebuke with a torturous spit.
It's a pity that I fell for you.
You suffused with jejune.
You are killing me, burning at my sides like a stalking fire
Your cruelty hooking my lips into smiles, your oppressive shadow a serene bath that cleanses.
Every victory you gloat, lightens my soul. You idiot.
I take silent pleasure when you tease and goad. You vile creature.
Who are you to rule a King? Who are you to demand my love? Who are you to place me into a coffin that you had me craft? Is your sake so greater than mine that you can put me down without a wild thought?
I plead before you! 'Fear me, love me, do as I say and I will be your slave!'
Monstrous and most wondrous woman, pardon me this, pity me this.
I have nothing left but fear, love and devotion and I'm happy for it.
I want the same for you, to have us share in our bleak and murky dolor.
I propose to you in the demise of my wealth and power, where time is but a gift.
I utter all the fervor you bewitched of me, I say the right words!
'Fear me! You who terrorizes me!
'Love me! You who I cherish above all else!
'Do as I say!You who has my eternal devotion!
 I will be your slave, my love!
But all is the same...
All is the same when you depart.
A lovely witch led me here once, you reminded me of her.
She had the power of voodoo, the magic to bring back what was taken.
She had my dreams, my wishes just as well.
"A promise, an aid, a wealth' She teethed, 'It's what you will find here as King."
But I was only a stupid boy for I know now.
A promise is nothing.
An aid is trivial.
A wealth is but dust.
But I was not quite like you in the end, stupid splendid girl. You see, I took my dreams.
But I will dance nonetheless, jovial and ridiculous as I'm condemned to do.
I'll be merry when I'm all but, for I have maidens to punish me.
I will smile at my dusty throne, for now if not for vain I found the sweetest love.
When I twirl a crystal in my hand, I have vision of you.
Now, now. Eternity does not seem so dire anymore.

Eternally devoted and enslaved, your Jareth.
Taiga Aisaka (Melt) [V1]  I don't know whether or not to hate or like this piece...
This is a one-shot I just thought up over a cup of coffee.  Anyways, this took a lot of nail-biting and face-slapping to post and create. Horo Ashamed 

All rights go the Jim Henson! I do not own The Labyrinth! I do not own the banner picture it belongs to Jim Higham! 
Leave a comment and your support! :ashamedla: 
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YouOweMeTheWorld Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
This is AWESOME!! So well written and in character!
Magic4Pens Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you so much! So happy to hear that I got the character on point! Dance more! 
JarethLover34 Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Magic4Pens Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you so much! Your comment has been uplifting! COokie 
JarethLover34 Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
ur welcome
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